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Little Golden Books

There are lots of children's books available, but I like Little Golden Books the best for this particular method of teaching your toddler to read because 

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1 inch 3-ring binders


In earlier versions, I just used regular computer paper. However, I like cardstock now better because

Heavy duty matte sheet protectors

I tried glossy sheet protectors at first, but I settled on matte sheet protectors because

Metal utility knife

I use metal utility knives to undo the staples that hold the Little Golden Books together. 

Bluetooth speakers

Sandisk MP3 player

I have tried at least 3 different mp3 players from the top list on Amazon, but the Sandisk Clip Sport is definitely my favorite by far because

Speakers Carrying Case

I didn't use a case at first, but eventually I bought a Hermitshell Travel Case, and I really like it because



I like this LETION papercutter because


I used to use gluesticks, but I quickly shifted to Scotch Magic Tape because